Dyno Dee! (dee_latener) wrote in shakeitbuddy,
Dyno Dee!

What to get Ryo for Christmas... *puts finger to chin*

I know he says he hates Christmas, but when he opens the door to find me all wrapped up in tinsel and bows... Bam I'm in there Baby...

Or I could just get him a juicer ¬_¬
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I already have a juicer. And the last thing I need is you messing up the place and getting yourself into a guddle like a swan trapped in a plastic beer ring u_u
Then I'll get you one that you can be so proud of, you'll put your name on it....
I'll blend your face with it.

Why can't you get me something nice like a bird feeder or a year's subscription to a magazine?

And by magazine I don't mean 'Bear Cops Uncensored'
You wouldn't dare. It would hurt you a lot more than it would hurt me.
Well don't bring such an item into our marital homestead if you wish to risk your beautiful face.

Buy me a bird feeder!
Yeah Baby, I suppose you're right... Who needs a juicer when you have my washboard abs?
I'd like to wrap you up in pretty bows Dee. So much that you'll choke. You obviously don't know what a man like Ryo is really after do you? You think it's all about the penis. And you're the biggest dick I know.
Better being a Dick than an Asshole. Least I get to be the one doin' the pushin' ya pussy.
Oh gross man. I do not need that image in my head.
Like you can talk, I know what you and JJ get up to... Or at least that's what JJ has been tellin' everyone.

Go beat up on him for me, 'kay? I'll buy you a beer...
Shit man...you aren't supposed to know that!

It better be some good beer.
Dude, I'll even buy a little cocktail umbrella to stick in it.

Heh... Cock...