Dyno Dee! (dee_latener) wrote in shakeitbuddy,
Dyno Dee!

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I thought I was going to passout today...

So there I was, getting a brief from ROSE along with the rest of the guys and there was ROSE, lording-it-up at the front, giving it the "And I don't want to see a repeat performacne Latener..." when he drops his pen.

Now, this is a guy who wears a brown suit to work. BROWN. So it just so happens that at the exact moment he drops the pen that burrito I had last night comes back to haunt me.


Drake almost choked on his coffee (which I'm suprised ROSE let him bring into the office), Ryo blushed like a Swedish stripper and the rest of the guys couldn't stop laughing.

And the best part of it... It was odourless so he had no idea is was me...
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