Diana Spacey (di_spacey) wrote in shakeitbuddy,
Diana Spacey

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I just finished a long-ass case that took up a lot of my holiday time. I hardly got to celebrate anything! Damn crooks... glad I can make them PAY. I haven't gotten any sleep either for the past two days because of all the loose ends I had to tie up and reports to write-- of course, I come home to my empty apartment-- freezing my cute ass off all by myself. Sigh.

The only nice thing about work lately is that I got to work with this super-cute agent. He bought me enough coffee and dinner when we were working together, actually-- such a nice guy. I think I'm going to ask him out. We're not assigned as permanent partners on the field, so it should be okay. No sense in holding back. I want some action in this terribly quiet bedroom of mine, dammit!

Take that, assholes, you boys aren't the only ones who'll be getting any soon. ~looks pointedly at Berkeley~
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