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*pushes glasses back up* Making amends for Valentines Day is never fun. Your hand starts to cramp with all the written apologies and leaves it less likely there'll be a bout of 'self-gratification' later on if you get my drift.

Right... That's Sandra and Deborah from narcotics sorted... Carla, Nee-Shellé and Rhianna from minors... Tatyana from across town... Hmm, that just leaves Ryo *groans* That man doesn't know a good thing when he sees it. Instead he's shacked up with that lowlife who probably goes out hunting chlamydia -infested booty when he's meant to be on duty. I sure wouldn't like to smell his fingers... If they're not up some whore, they're up his own ass accompanied by his head and his criminal record.
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*sniffs finger and points it in your direction* And you know where it's been...
The foul stench of whoredom emitts from you like a turd from an elephant...
I'd rather smell like shit than like the cheap cologne that you reek of. Brings a whole new meaning to 'take my breath away'...
Not as cheap as those laydees I've seen you with. How romantic. You let them open your beer with their teeth. And I'm not talking about the ones in their mouths...
Lets see... Your Valentines day... That's 6 apologies you have to make and no hole from Di. Me, on the other hand didn't have to say sorry once and I got to spend it with my finger up someone's ass *licks finger*.

Can you taste the justice? I know I can...
I hope your hands fall off, Berkey! YOU OWE ME FOR BEING SO NEGLECTFUL!
Remember... diamonds are forever... *hints and winks*
Di, baby... You know you're the only gal for me...

*presents you with crooked flowers from Dee's desk that Ryo so lovingly bought*
You're full of crap, Berkey...
I want diamonds, and I'm sure I'm not getting 'em from you! Hmph.
Of course he's full of crap, where do you think he keeps them when he's going through customs?

You might want to wash them first before you wear them...