Berkley Rose (berkley_rose) wrote in shakeitbuddy,
Berkley Rose

Party Hardy...

*puts hand in box* Now what have you boys popped in my slot over the week, hmm? And enough of the pranks boys. The option of going to 'Uncle Spud's Land of Impurities' is a nice thought, but it doesn't exist. (believe me, I've looked) *cough*

You've only got another day or two for suggestions, so I'd advise you to get your asses in gear and make some decent suggestions. I don't know why I'm even bothering because I know you're all just going to disappear after the free drinks offer is over. Tell you what boys. Why don't you all have a word with Ryo-kun over there and after lunch he can come to my office and let me know what you pansies think, ok? *licks his hand and brushes fingers though his hair*
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