Dreaming of Carol with the Light Pink Hair... (carol_chan) wrote in shakeitbuddy,
Dreaming of Carol with the Light Pink Hair...


*plops bag down in ryo's apartment* Oh ryo! I'm home! *thinks* This week has been so cool! even with School starting. I talked to coach at gym about volleyball tryouts and she said that they don't start for another three weeks but I can't wait! I am kinda sad that it came so soon though. there was so much more I wanted to do this summer! *giggles* I bet Dee would have enjoyed some time alone with ryo! oops! here he comes now... ooh... he dosn't look like he's in a good mood... I better scram. *out loud* Oh ryo! I'll be back later! I forgot somthing back at school! *heads towards the door and tosses a "see ya Dee!" over shoulder*
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