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Christmas is coming! *dones one of those hairbands with the springy mistletoe on the end*

I don't know what to get Ryo though... he says that Christmas is the by-product of a bastardised religion fueled by money, greed and only brings about tears and poverty at the end.

He seems to forget I had a nun for a mother...

But never mind that... I hope Bikky has taken the $200 hint I left in his socks the other day. The last thing I want on this, the most festive of all seasons is him and the sound of his bed springs as he gives Carol her annual festive shag >:( Besides... its one of the only times of the year Ryo drinks... *makes sure the vile is still secure between buttocks* this shit had better work. I spent a lot of cash on it and I want results.

Anyway... back to what to get Ryo. I'm considering this:

as a kind of starter thing. Don't know what to get him as 'the big one' though... since he probably won't want what I have in mind for that... frigid prick... I wish he would stop blaming the cold for his lack of 'attention' and just admit that he doesn't love me :'( And yes, I am fishing for love... sometimes I need a little... *sniffs*
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