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Shake and Vac

Dee, Ted, Drake and JJ were over last night causing havoc. Not only am I down 3 lampshades from their cavorting and dancing with them on their heads along to ABBA and Bananarama, but I am also eaten out of house and home. They even ate the chilli sauce for a dare! No condiments, nothing! Only them. Why couldn't I have been transfered to a different department? *sighs*

*looks in freezer*> A dress? Nyanni? Either a cheap floozie they've busted was invited over to spice things up, or JJ's been drinking more of that Sambucca and doing dares. At least it isn't another bee. Damn Dee and his experiments. Perhaps if he 'experimented' at leading a simple life then he wouldn't be in bed nursing a hangover with me lying to the chief about a wedding we're going to. That's if any of the others have turned up for work since I kicked them out of here at 6 o'colck this morning.

Now to replace the lamps, re-stock the fridge, clean up the vomit and make sure Bikky hasn't been scarred for life...
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