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Fucking prick... I've been demoted again. Demoted?! Me?! Fuck him right in the earhole! I've been stuck doing cavity searches for the past week (which normally I wouldn't be complaining about but its the fact its been the over 50 year-old crack-bums...) and to make matters worse he's deliberatly put me on different shifts from Ryo. By the time I'm done tickling prostates Ryo is sleeping when I get home. And its not like he appreciates my efforts to rouse him from sweet slumber either. This is a joke, I am the fucking best this precinct has. You hear me?


Its not like I was doing anything wrong. My finger slipped. And how was I supposed to know she had a weak heart? She should have paid for that cat food. Crime has no age limit! Am I supposed to turn a blind eye to a crime because I am age discriminative? What a world we are living in where the elderly are free to roam in packs stealing from the hard-working shop owner who is struggling to put some beef on the table.

Are we supposed to protect the streets with Battleaxe (Di, I love you. I always have...) and Backdoor Boy (JJ) as our only means of salvation? What the fuck? What's he going to do? Hump their leg into submission?

Come on...

I almost got a lay last night. But then he woke up and I had to apologise. Why the hell should I apologise? Its like taking a piss, you can't help it and you shouldn't have to say sorry for it. Jesus, I got as far as slipping one on and he woke up. I had to spend the rest of the night listening to him whining on and on about trust. Come on... its not sex if you don't come. Its about time he learnt that.

He keeps reminding me that Carol or Bikky could walk in any moment. So? Its not like its something they havn't seen before. Bikky is old enough to almost be a woman and Carol... yeah... He's acting like a pussy and using the kids as an excuse. For christ sake! This is why I never wanted kids! You drop them and your sex life retracts up your ass for the next 18 years!
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